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How do I know what page my date is on? I'm interested in dating for fun - but I get the sense that my partner is more interested in the long term. Should I ask or would that seem scary? Especially if he's not.

Dr. Eric

In order for you to successfully date you need to always broadcast your boundaries...if you are dating for fun, your dates need to know that.

That being said, you can't always control how they take it.

If you would like to get clear on what dating for fun is all about....take the free e course on the home page...

Many blessings to your dating success!


Can you date one person with a fun intention and another person with a life partner intention? I mean, as long as you decide BEFORE you date that person what your intention is, isnt it ok?

Dr. Eric

NO NO NO>>>>>
That being said, I always recommend that people do one or the other. In this way, the choice to date for a life partner is yours and in conscious.

Working on two goals in the same context usually does not work!

Hope this helps.

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